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How time flies. I had no idea it was so long since my last post. I’ve thought about posting many times in the past months, but I’m always so tired or life just gets in the way.  This past weekend we celebrated my youngest’s 5th Birthday at the park. It was a perfect day with perfect weather. Well it could have been slightly less windy, but awesome regardless. How quickly our children grow.

Saffron's 5th Birthday

Saffron’s 5th Birthday


Lego Dimensions, Elves, Minifigures

I’m very excited about this coming out! I love all the Lego games made by Traveller’s Tales. I own almost all of them released so far and have been upgrading my Wii games to PS3. The gameplay and graphics are much better on the PS3. This will be a big comitment buying into this with having to buy the platform and figs to go with it. My family received the Skylanders game from Santa, when it first came out, but I never really got into it. My son loved it, but lost his interest after a while. I really think this one will be more loved by my family. We all are huge Lego fans! This post is reblogged from my dear husband’s blog. So enjoy.

The Luprechaun

Big news of the day is the Lego Dimensions game. This is going to be similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity games where you purchase a kit and the figs ‘come to life’ in the game. It’s a pretty savy marketing gimmick and this one is backed by several franchises under the ABS umbrella including: LOTR, Wizard of Oz, BTTF, DC Comics and possibly Ghostbusters & Simpsons as well, with the inevitable assumption there will be many more characters included. The game will be put out by Traveller’s Tales and on many platforms but not PC by the looks of it so far.


A couple of observations: animation style of this video is the more familiar flexible bodies as opposed to the Lego Movie’s stop animation. They are using the same voices for Wild Style ( Elizabeth Banks ) and Gandalf but I don’t think this is the TLM…

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Lego Show and Sick Kid

I didn’t get as much done for the Lego show as I’d hoped, but did manage some of the things. I finished my blanket and am very pleased with it. I also sewed some mattresses and pillows for the bunk beds. Of course that took longer than it really should have. I didn’t bother looking up on the internet ideas on how to do this, and just forged ahead. Well it all worked out in the end, but I did make it unnecessarily much more complicated than it should have been, and had to look it up in the end anyhow. Joseph helped to whip together some more details for the house, as I just ran out of steam to do so. Worst news possible is that while I was gathering everything together to take to the show, I can’t find the blanket I made. Its MiSSING! I spent nearly a month making the darn thing and it is beautiful, but its MIA. I dont’ think I even got a picture of it. I really hope it shows up!

I didn’t manage to get to the Lego show today as my youngest daughter has come down with a nasty cold. She’s super cranky and miserable. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better enough for us to have a short trip to the mall tomorrow. She had a big 2.5 hour nap today, but woke up just as cranky as before. It’s been a long day for me. I will get Joseph to take some pictures of the Lego show for me to share here.

Todays events


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Today was a day of playing Ingress and errands. I managed to level up to Level 6. My goal is to get up to Level 8 by summer. The great thing about this game is it gets my butt out the door and therefore getting some much needed sunshine and exercise.

Tonight I plan to finish this little blanket that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It’s taken much longer than I planned. I’m using a fancy chevron stitch pattern out of a book. I’m now just needing to finish up the border for it, then I’ll be done with this one. I have a second one to do. I plan to do some other type of pattern stitch, but haven’t settled on what exactly. Oh I should probably mention that this is not a human size blanket, instead it’s for my scala doll’s dollhouse. Scala is a European Lego line that was around 1998 or so. I found this awesome dollhouse on usedvictoria for only $35! I already had a bunch of the dolls. I figured they needed some blankets for their bunk beds. I also want to sew mattresses and pillows. I need to get all this done before Friday! We have a lego show this weekend at Tillicum Mall and my dollhouse is going to be on display (along with the other group members lego creations). Joseph says he’s going to help me build up a yard to go with my house. I’m thinking a summer/spring theme. You know, barbeque, lawn chairs, out door picnic sort of deal. Maybe some gardening. I got a bunch of picket fence pieces from the last draft, so I get to fence of the yard from all those pesky neighbourhood dogs 🙂